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Karen was originally meant to be Grace's friend from work. Next day- (Evening) Will has three guys over, two straight one gay, turns out this gay guy is Jack (the third character we are introduced to) Will offered Jack a place to stay whilst his place is getting redo up. Grace storms into Will apartment upset turns out she lost out to do an job for interior designing Danny was rude to her about, but only Will understands her plus he can't stand Danny. Next day- (morning into Evening) Will is at his office, helping Harlin who he represents.

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In fact, they're absolutely perfect for each other - except that Will just happens to be gay.

Will and Grace plan to spend a serious Halloween together watching Ingmar Bergman movies at home--until Harlin drops off his over-eager kids at their place when he's called away on business.

Meanwhile, Jack convinces Karen to accompany him to the downtown parade where she becomes an honorary drag queen.

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