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SAP has added several new built-in functions for searching, comparing, and processing character strings.

A few of these functions already existed before release WAS702, like for example, CHARLEN( ) or STRLEN( ).

It largely replaces the use of the WRITE TO statement, which will be explained later on.It parses each parameter (using shift until no more command line parameters are available) and prints the lengths of each [email protected] off :: :: https://if [%1] EQU [] goto end :loop if [%1] EQU [] goto end set _len=0 set _str=%1 set _subs=%_str% :getlen if not defined _subs goto result :: remove first letter until empty set _subs=%_subs:~1% set /a _len =1 goto getlen :result echo strlen("%1")=%_len% shift goto loop :end The idea is to remove each time the first character of the string and increment the length counter until the string is empty.I thought it would be a good idea to write something about my experiences with new string options like String Templates, Chaining of strings, and built-in string functions.An expression can be a data object (variable), a functional method, a predefined function or a calculation expression. calls the conversion exit KONPD that converts an internal project number to an external project id.Some examples are: Two limitations for which I haven’t found a solution yet are: 1) I could not find a formatting option for Conversion Exits. The string template inserts the internal project number into the string.

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