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But people just kept hating on me no matter what I did,” says Winter.She speaks quickly and definitively, as though she’s well-versed in defending herself.“I used to have full-scale meltdowns in bathing suit shops because there was nothing I could find to wear. It’s gotten a little better, but it’s still definitely hard.Like, my best friend, she’s super tall and skinny and she’ll wear the same bathing suit as me, but people will automatically look at me and call me out as a slut or write headlines about ‘Ariel Winter’s cleavage.’ Meanwhile they look at her like, ‘Oh she looks so cute! I’m comfortable in a bathing suit, scars and all.”That’s an important point for Winter, who believes that now more than ever, women need to embrace and appreciate their bodies.But if you think Winter is headed for a night out on the town you’d be wrong. That means, puberty and all of the awkward stages of teenagedom — the kind that are hard enough to endure without the world watching — happened before millions of eyes.And this being the age of social media, it also means that Winter had to learn to deflect the hoards of commenters who habitually criticised her body or shamed her for showing off her curves whether she was wearing a graduation dress or yes, bathing suits.“I went through a lot of hate online, so I tried to change myself for a really long time.Though she’s been open with the public about her rocky relationship with her parents and her decision to become emancipated from them in 2015 — which legally makes her an adult — she’s still often criticised for wearing clothing or making decisions too risqué for her age.And when she revealed to Jimmy Kimmel earlier this month that she’s living with her 29-year-old boyfriend, actor Levi Meaden, the next-day coverage focused on their age difference, rather than her work.

“I don’t understand why someone would even comment on our situation at all.

"I decided that instead of pleasing these other people, I’ll just spend that time pleasing myself.

Those people are going to be rude to me regardless of what I do, so I should just try and be happy with what I am.”As hard as that lesson was, learning to accept herself has certainly had its upside.

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