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Dosensuppe replied on 11 March 2015 that he had not been arrested but was going on vacation for his personal safety; he did not respond to requests for a PGP signature or posted or sold since.

Given the Vice connection and the rash of German/Dutch arrests 2014-2015, it seems highly likely that this was either Agora or Evolution associated, and of the few gun sellers, Dosensuppe fits the best.

Inside the warehouse police found and seized computers, drugs, packaging materials and an automatic weapon.

With the seized computers as evidence, investigators learned about their online vendor alias Er Kran.

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Only when the dusk starts to fall does the owl of Minerva spread its wings and fly.Apparently the 42-year-old is a suspect in that matter now.who had sold on Evolution until banned and then Agora & his own site.Confirmation of 32yo man Christian L’s arrest in October 2015 came later, for selling ~65 weapons, and was sentenced to 5.5 years jail; his arrest stemmed from a November 2014 Customs intercept of a gun order at an airport and, presumably, backtracing., who had officially retired some time previously but had apparently resumed direct-dealing of MDMA with a few old customers in England with stealthed jigsaw puzzles; Hall was in a quasi-partnership with Sinclair as the seller was arrested 26 December 2014 (translation) a policeman (possibly part of the ongoing investigation of Holland Online by Dutch police) observed a drug transfer between two men, one of was Holland Online from Ijmuiden.

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