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Starlee: And this is not since you saw her with the book. Cabdriver: When she was just a kid, 12 or 13, about 12 years ago. Starlee: You cant she is behind the screen and you can see the silhouette of Britney and can see the shadow and you are watching everyone go up and you can time it and I am seeing 3 seconds, 3 seconds. Starlee: I feel I have much stronger purpose than everyone else Andrea: Right Starlee: My friend was like I don’t know what to tell her.But Andrea understood why she was still wearing the dress. You went to a much further place, much harder to go to Australia.

If I can’t arrange a meeting with Britney, my only hope is to run into her in public. Britney at the Oaks Mall in a dress that makes you go, whoa she looks good (note: these are pronounced differently.) The photos of Britney at the Oaks are always taken in the parking lot never inside the actual mall. The minute I pull out my recorder, a security guard approaches me. She can’t even leave her house without being mobbed. Dennis: Yes, you can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness.

Eric tells me that Paradise Cove is also where Britney shot her music video, Sometimes, in 1999, when she was just seventeen. Not only was Paradise Cove a bust, it made me feel grossed out with myself. It’s been hugely successful and is being billed as her “second act.” You can buy tickets to that show. I have seen some of the stuff in the media and I know she started off real successful and role model for some people if you would and then she had downslide.

Suddenly it felt like the whole case had been cracked wide open. I was becoming part of the reason Britney Spears didn’t want to leave her house. And for more money, you can also purchase a meet and greet. To meet and greet Rihanna or Kanye will cost you 10 grand. Starlee Kine I knew it was hard to get to Britney Spears but this was ridiculous. Starlee: If one question is-I want to ask her about this one book. Then she picked herself back up and now she is kind of like rising back up.

I’ve always had this distinct sense she is introvert and I really identify with that. Starlee: This is one of those pictures we see all the time coming out of 7 Eleven holding slushie or candy not usually carrying books at all, right? Dinner with her parents, they were celebrating her mom’s birthday. Andrea: This is her dad, he is her legal conservator. He is in charge of finances and in charge of her decisions. Christina: Yep Starlee: That was the story, you once had a bartender that was Irish? All the castles and the fairy circles and a bunch of other things that go on over there too. Starlee: But if your mom wins a million dollars and you have a dream Christina: But the thing is it’s a dream I want to attain myself and I don’t want use my parents money, I want to save for it because I am an adult. A friend who worked in fashion slipped me the email of Britney’s stylist, along with a note that said, “you didn’t get this from me.” Another friend knew her former bodyguard who stopped responding to my friend’s emails as soon as Britney’s name came up.

Starlee: Do you think she brought it to dinner with her parents because her parents giving her hard time about not reading enough. Andrea: She doesn’t look very happy and kind of era they started discussing the conservatorship with her. Christina: I don’t know what it is about Irish accent…. Starlee: You are very responsible with your dreams. There is a lot of new things I have questions about but you definitely answered my original question. I crossed that item off my list and stared at the next one. A flurry of tips poured in from an internet forum I posted on.

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