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Mantis BT, as a PHP script, can run on any operating system that is supported by PHP and has support for one of the DBMSes that are supported.Mantis BT is known to run fine on Windows, Linux, OS/2, Mac OS X, System i and a variety of Unix operating systems.However, over time the project was typically referred to as Mantis.Kenzaburo Ito and a friend originally created a bug tracker as an internal tool for their pet project.Using the current date in the filename can prevent overwriting and make cataloguing easier.

Backups are a complex subject, and the specificities of implementing and handling them for each RDBMS are beyond the scope of this document.

This marks a new era in Mantis BT lifetime where it is now a team project.

All of the required software is free for commercial and non-commercial use (open source).

It is not recommended to use development releases in production specially if it is still in the alpha stage unless the administrator is familiar with PHP and is able to troubleshoot and fix any issues that may arise.

When initially seeking to name this project Ken ran into a problem every programmer encounters. It has to be descriptive, unique, and not too verbose.

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