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However local police knew nothing of her activities, she said, and Caparas was arrested both times by the Manila-based national anti-cybercrime squad.Youngsters working for Caparas allegedly worked in three days shifts making contacts with foreigners and then persuading them to strip and perform sex acts in front of their computers which were then recorded and used to blackmail them.When she was arrested in September she wore a t-shirt with the slogan: 'In the happy moments, praise God.In the difficult moments, seek God'The billiards hall where the computer terminals were found was set up by Caparas four years ago, Ms Espiritu said.The billiards room is lined with 19 cyber-café style coin-operated computer cubicles and is thought to have been the unlikely headquarters of her criminal enterprise, recruiting English-speaking youngsters to seduce and blackmail foreign men online.

The computers are believed to be where her workers seduce and blackmail foreign men online Her rabble of unlikely cyber-criminals in flip-flops working from dirt-poor towns and villages in the Bulacan province north of Manila, in the Philippines, is blamed for the suicide of 17-year-old Daniel Perry from Dumfermline in Scotland.

They persuaded men to strip off on webcam, then threatened to send footage to friends and family.

Police in the Philippines seized equipment in a series of raids (above) in September She owns a sprawling two-storey block dominating the village centre which has been converted in the past five years into a honey-trap for local youngsters with a basketball ring opposite its entrance and a gym and a billiards room on its upper floors.

With no system in place or developed, the international law-enforcements are finding it increasingly difficult to deal with these predators because this type of cybercrime is almost impossible to detect and to prove.

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