Elucidating photography

Each session we will ask members to give an answer to a different question as it relates to photography and one's role/response to it. (d) How does conceptual photography impact on FAP and the reverse?(e) Is there a category of street photography called FAP? (g) What role does contemporary photography play in FAP, if any? We will explore going from a RAW file to a completed image.Stephen Campbell Moore is superbly awkward as Maurice Wilkins, Franklin’s colleague at King’s, but by making him into a jittery, self-regarding and love-struck fool, Ziegler threatens to oversimplify the narrative.Similarly, while Will Attenborough makes a memorable bad guy as slimy, shock-headed Watson, and Edward Bennett is great fun as braying womaniser Francis Crick, the hamming up of their roles leave the play wedged in a kind of moral monochrome.

In his accumulation of flower photographs, Stephane’s limited edition landscape photography focuses in on more abstract flower photographs, allowing you to decipher the exquisiteness of a simple dandelion, and the stylish Tricolore Poppy’s of France.There will be host of such thought provoking questions whose purpose is to help one to identify a direction in FAP and to understand better what it encompasses in today's photographic scene. Each member will discuss his/her images; how they evolved; what he/she felt about the image; and does it achieve or invoke the idea behind the image with the viewer? Photoshop CS5 or higher or Lightroom and Nik filters will be used.Techniques to create monochromatic images are to be reviewed using Nik filters.If you wish to develop new technical skills, learn to express your ideas through imagery, work towards developing a personal style of photography, and go beyond representational photography (just click the shutter and sharpen an image sort of photography) to presentational photography to express what you think and feel through FAP and PAP, please join us.by a FAP member and comments from other FAP members.

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