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Here are 11 reasons why dating is so stressful — and things to keep in mind while you dive into the dating pool.“Erroneous expectations create all the havoc in dating,” certified relationship coach Rosalind Sedacca tells Bustle.“When we approach dating with a bunch of ‘should’ rules, we set ourselves up for disappointment and stress.” Sedacca gives a host of “shoulds” that will all make you feel miserable in the long run.Online dating is an increasingly popular way to meet potential partners, and many people end up in a relationship with someone they met online.The latest research in the US shows that the partners in more than a third of marriages that took place in the past seven years met online, and there are indications that those marriages are marginally more stable and happier than the relationships where the partners met in other ways.They can help you manage your expectations, be clear about your selection criteria and reduce anxiety and stress.Remember the golden rules of internet dating: It’s important to manage one's expectations when entering online dating.And why is it that this happens to most of us — but not everyone?I asked these questions of a group of dating and relationship experts, who all agreed on the fact that going on dates and meeting new people definitely is stressful, though they all had slightly different takes as to why that is.

honesty, career) and stick to these to ensure that you are communicating with the right people.

Take time out to relax and exercise and continue with recreational activities. If you're feeling overwhelmed or stressed, you can speak to a psychologist to assist with managing these feelings.

Learn to be assertive if you’re not interested in a particular person and they keep contacting you.

It’s important that you don't let internet dating control your life.

Make sure you have a healthy life balance and are continuing to do the things you enjoy outside of the dating game.

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