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Kick, spec, or ban are actions taken by the host of the room (the person in charge).You can be kicked (temporarily removed) from a chatroom, specced (lose the ability to type in the room, terminology derived from the "spectacles" your nickname may show, or that you have "spectator" privileges only), or banned, which is a more permanent action that keeps you out of a chatroom completely.Though the authors give valuable information in regards to such phenomena as projective identification, sensory deprivation, lowering of habitual self-conscious defense mechanisms, etc.; it fails to compare and contrast these phenomena between our realities in such a way as to provide a foundation for making wise cyber choices.It is very difficult to write any book; and certainly this subject matter is resistant to typical definitions in the absence of all the affect of real life inducements that typify reactive behaviors.Sometimes these are called a chat room or chat extending the physical metaphors of 'sites' and 'magazines' which many web services exploit.Today there are many chat rooms, some incorporating instant messaging features without having to install additional chat software.Personality is more erratic than character, and there are many reasons why one's personality may be provoked to react in a particular way that the casual observer may be totally unaware of.The author's mislead the reader in saying that this environment is like psychoanalytic 'free association', implying that the manifestations of personality are then a 'true' and accurate picture of another.

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However, for the experienced user, certain psychological factors that have been only briefly touched upon, could be misinterpreted.Also, they have highlighted most of the major elements that comprise the online experience.I do not feel that this book would be of tremendous value to the experienced online user for it fails to address some of the "real" issues that confront us all, i.e., confusion, guilt, anxiety, etc.Those that have online experience probably have learned that the utterances of the personality often have little, if no meaning at all.Without providing in-depth 'tools' of differentiation for the reader to utilize when gauging another, those that are looking for gleaning greater understanding on how to make wiser cyber choices will be disappointed.

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